5 Big Reasons Why Your YES Vote on Prop 51 Will Give California Students a Brighter Future

Prop 51 is a state school bond that will help provide all students a quality education in a safe, secure learning environment. Addressing the multi-billion dollar backlog of school construction projects, Prop 51 provides funding to repair our schools, upgrade classrooms and train veterans. It is a fiscally responsible way to fix schools, with tough taxpayer accountability.

 Prop 51, which will be listed first of the statewide props on your ballot, is a clear winner for California students. Here are 5 big reasons to vote YES:

1. You’re following California’s Golden Rule – Education first. Our state’s priority is providing a quality education for our 6.2 million students. Whether they’re in kindergarten or community college, Prop 51 helps provide a safe learning environment to inspire our students and unlock their potential to grow.

2. You’re safeguarding our schools – California is in desperate need of bringing its older schools up to basic health and safety standards. Prop 51 will tackle a backlog of critical projects like earthquake retrofitting and removing asbestos, lead pipes and paint from the classrooms where students spend their day learning. Many schools, from Kindergartens through community colleges, are also waiting for fire safety repairs and upgrades. Prop 51 is committed to responding to these crucial needs.

3. You’re supporting a successful partnership – Your YES vote will help our state support the vision our local communities have already established. School districts across California are eager to fulfill their promise to deliver safe, upgraded classrooms and new school construction. By providing matching funds to Prop 51 ensures the state and local communities will work together to see these projects through.

4. You’re honoring our veterans – Prop 51 will help build a bridge for our returning veterans to access a valuable, affordable education. Modernizing and strengthening our state’s community colleges will provide the education our veterans deserve, and prepare them with the skills they need to compete in the workplace.

5. You’re in good company – California educators, lawmakers, Republicans and Democrats alike are rallying behind Prop 51. The California State PTA, the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association, the California State Firefighters’ Association and California School Nurses Organization are all endorsing Prop 51. See the list of countless supporters already on board on the Prop 51 endorsements page.

This is an exciting time for Californians to take action. It’s been a decade since we’ve had an opportunity to influence the future of education in our state by passing a state school bond to repair and upgrade our schools and provide a quality education for California students.

Here are five simple things you can do today to help pass Prop 51:

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