California Association of School Business Officials Board Votes to Support November School Facilities Bond Initiative

Today, the Californians for Quality Schools campaign announced that the California Association of School Business Officials (CASBO) voted to support the Kindergarten through Community College Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2016. At its April 13, 2016 meeting, CASBO’s Board of Directors unanimously voted to support the measure, which has qualified for the November 2016 ballot.

In an announcement to its membership, the organization stated the following:

CASBO joins the growing list of supporters for the facilities bond measure, a $9 billion state schools facilities bond to fund school construction and modernization projects throughout the state.

CASBO Immediate Past President Leeann Errotabere stated, “We took a leadership position to support this bond measure, which we feel is a necessary step to provide new and modernized schools for our students. This initiative aligns with CASBO’s legislative principle to support a new statewide school facilities program that maintains the historic partnership between the state and local school districts for financing school facilities.”

California voters last approved a statewide school bond in 2006 and since then funding has been effectively depleted, impacting local school districts’ ability to fund critically needed school facility improvements. Throughout the state, there currently is a backlog of $2 billion in K-12 essential projects waiting state funding and nearly $500 million in needed community college projects. Voter approval of the statewide school bond is vital to addressing immediate and long-term facilities needs throughout California.