ICYMI: San Francisco Chronicle recommends: Yes on Prop. 51

Chronicle recommends: Yes on Prop. 51
By San Francisco Chronicle

“California voters have a chance in November to upgrade an overlooked part of the state’s crumbling public infrastructure. Proposition 51 would provide $9 billion in bond money to renovate aging classrooms and build new teaching facilities for the state’s shifting population.

The measure divvies the sum among school districts and community colleges, spreading the fix-it work from kindergarten rooms to technical training classes. It’s also the first state school bond in over a decade, a lapse blamed on California’s recent wobbly finances and rival public works projects that jumped ahead…

Though California’s school-age population has flattened over the last 10 years, it’s still a sizable number: over 8 million students in K-12 and community colleges. But their campuses and schools are outdated and run down, ill-suited for technology and vocational training, plainly unsafe or barely habitable.

While many school districts regularly pass local bond measures, the customary expectation that Sacramento would chip in with additional money has faded. That’s where Prop. 51 steps in by creating a statewide pot…

…Voters who favor local school measures have a chance to do the same for the entire state. Passing Prop. 51 can go a long way in modernizing schools and community colleges across California. Vote Yes on Prop.51.

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