Local Chapters of the State Building and Construction Trades Council Endorses School Facilities Bond Act of 2016

Today, the Californians for Quality Schools campaign announced that the Kern, Inyo, Mono Building Trades Council, Contra Costa Building Trades Council, Valley Building Trades Council, and the Northeastern, Shasta, Trinity, Lassen, Tehama, Modoc, Siskiyou Building Trades Council endorsed the Kindergarten Through Community College Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2016. The measure, a $9 billion state school facilities bond to adequately fund school construction and modernization projects for K-14 school districts throughout the state, will appear on the November 2016 ballot. Together, these local chapters represent thousands of workers in California communities.

“The school bond invests in our schools, communities and in the future of our children,” said Cesar Diaz, Legislative Director, State Building Trades Council. “The School Facilities Bond Act will provide safe and modern education facilities throughout California – creating good paying jobs and growing our economy. Our members are committed to investing in our neighborhoods and strengthening our communities and we believe this is a proven program to set our students up for success.”

Because the last statewide school facilities bond was passed by California voters in 2006, there currently is a backlog of $2 billion in K-12 project applications and almost $500 million in priority community college projects. With estimates placing K-14 school construction funding needs for the next decade at more than $20 billion, the $9 billion bond will be a significant step forward to address the state’s school construction needs. Further, studies show that 13,000 middle class jobs are created for each $1 billion of state infrastructure investment. These jobs include building and construction trades jobs that offer apprenticeship opportunities to young men and women throughout the state.

The school facility bond will provide funding to the following categories for K-12 and community college school districts:

  • $3 billion for new construction;
  • $3 billion for modernization;
  • $2 billion for community colleges; and
  • $500 million each for CTE facilities and charters.

For more information on the Kindergarten Through Community College Public Education Facilities Bond Act of 2016, please visit www.CaliforniansForQualitySchools.com.