What Others Are Saying: Support for Prop 51

“Prop 51 allows local schools and community colleges to upgrade vocational education classrooms so students can train for good-paying careers and contribute to California’s growing economy. And, we owe it to our veterans to provide training and help them transition to the workplace.”

Tom Torlakson, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction

“By upgrading and repairing our community college facilities, we can increase access to quality, affordable higher education for all Californians. Our community colleges contribute to the economic and social strength of local communities throughout the state, and help college students avoid thousands of dollars in debt. We need to show our support to California’s students.”

Jonathan Lightman, Executive Director, Faculty Association of California Community Colleges

“Prop 51 will protect local control by requiring funding only be used for school improvement projects approved by local school and community college boards. All of the money must be spent locally, where taxpayers can have a voice in deciding how these funds are best used to improve their neighborhood schools.”

Chris Ungar, President, California School Boards Association

“A statewide bond is the best option for meeting California’s school construction needs, because education is a statewide concern. Without this bond, local taxpayers will face higher local property taxes that create inequalities between schools in different communities, treat taxpayers differently, and lack strong accountability provisions.”

Teresa Casazza, President, California Taxpayers Association

“California has a multi-billion dollar backlog in school construction projects that have applied for and are waiting on state matching funds. This bond will help ease school over-crowding and bring hundreds of schools up to the state’s most basic health and safety requirements.”

Robbie Hunter, President of the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California.

“There are billions of dollars in school facility needs throughout the state, and much of that need is in districts represented by members of the Latino Legislative Caucus. For years, the state has been a critical partner in funding school facilities, and passage of a state school bond in November will make sure all students have access to safe schools with the facilities needed to guarantee access to a quality education.”

Assemblymember Luis Alejo, Chair of the Latino Legislative Caucus Chair